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stephen linsteadt

a video poem by Dean Pasch

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Artist Statement

To paint from nature is to honor her, to honor the creative spirit that binds us to her and the cosmos. In the solitude of her whispering winds and songs of the waves time stands still. Outer pursuits seem trivial and the Great Nostalgia carries us to an inner well being and harmony. The outer expression on the painted surface seems to document that timeless experience and is dyed in the vibration of the spirit. The onlooker is invited to ride the creative spirit, to transcend the banal, to find respect and care for the planet and all of her inhabitants – to strike an inner chord that resounds in the realization that in the many is the One.

“To unfold the human soul and lead it into receptivity of cosmic power and joy is the tremendous benefit derived from the non-objective masterpiece, so intensely useful and conceived from the primary essence of creation.” - Hilla Rebay in 1946, about Kandinsky

“The beauty of art is that it reflects that state of consciousness from where it comes. The original reason for all art is that it leads you back to the formless, the sacred, so it acts as a portal or an access point to the sacred so that when you see it you see your self. There is always more than what you see and that shines through the form. Ultimately, it is for you to become that work of art. Your whole life and your very being become transported so the formless shines through. Something emanates through the form that is not the form itself.” - Eckhart Tolle

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