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stephen linsteadt

The Lady and the Unicorn (Hearing)  I  Stephen Linsteadt

The Lady and the Unicorn (Hearing), oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm, 2023 - $3200

In the Hearing tapestry, the Lady plays a small pipe organ that sits on top of a table covered by an Oriental carpet, while her maidservant operates the bellows. According to artist Yuki Fukazawa @yuukifukazawa, this tapestry series represents the life of Joan of Arc. Hence, the 'Hearing' tapestry can be viewed as her inquisition (hearing). The organ pipes are her prison bars. The emphasis on 'Oriental' places it in the context of something exotic and out of the ordinary. The word 'heresy', from the Greek hairesis, means 'choice'. It is to hold a belief or position contrary to what is generally accepted. Joan was found innocent of heresy but burned at the stake for cross-dressing (she wore armor in battle).

"Hearing without ears - such is the secret of this place." ~ Niloba

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