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stephen linsteadt

The Lady and the Unicorn (Touch)  I  Stephen Linsteadt

The Lady and the Unicorn (Touch), oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm, 2023 - $3200

A further exploration into the physical senses and how they relate to our 'sense' of self. In the 'Touch' tapestry, all the animals wear collars, which implies captivity (to be a slave of the senses). The Lady is tenderly touching the horn of the Unicorn as her way of saying farewell to her friends and comrades. According to artist Yuki Fukazawa @yuukifukazawa, the 'Touch' tapestry depicts the capture of Joan of Arc by the Burgundians and all the main players in her inquisition. http://www.ladyandtheunicorn.com/

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